Shooting Lessons

My style is relaxed, simple and fun. I can schedule private and group lessons, shooting clinics, corporate events as well as charity events.


Krieghoff K-80, 12-Gage, 32in Barrels, Best of the West Rifles, Huskemaw Optics, Federal Amunition, Comp-N-choke, Russell Moccasin Custom Boots

Tom Mack Knives

The Tom Mack series are purpose designed and made with premium materials.


I would like to recommend a few of my favorite outfitters to my friends and students:


Tom Mack has been on the All American Team for more than 2 decades. He is an Official Shooting Instructor for Clay Shooting USA.
Tom offers private and group shooting lessons from beginners to Master class shooters. You can contact Tom to schedule your next instruction at 616-340-0833.


Hi Tom
I just wanted to thank you for the great lesson you gave us. I have had perhaps 8 or 10 shooting lessons from some of the best coaches out there, and I find your methods and instruction to be the best I have received. I now approach my shotgunning with a much different mind set, smoother and more confident. I can’t begin to explain how much your instruction has helped me climb to a much higher level.
We just had a Veterans fund raising shoot, ok, the targets were a bit “soft” but I finished with a 93 ! From the 60’s to a 93 is a big leap…………..thanks

James Dempsey, FL

“It goes without saying that Tom Mack is a phenomenal shooter, but to be a truly great instructor it takes more than that.

An instructor needs to have the rare ability to see what a student is doing right and wrong and then have the even rarer ability to communicate that effectively. Tom posses these skills.

I have had instructors tell me I’m “behind” or “over” a target, but Tom tells u how to hit it. If you are serious about improving your shotgunning skills, there is no better investment than a day with Tom Mack.”

Mike Schoby, Editor, Petersen’s Hunting

My single two-hour lesson with Tom turned into a four-hour lesson, which turned into a second day of lessons, which turned into another lesson with my husband and another friend! Not only did we all improve tremendously, we had a GREAT time! Tom had no trouble with 3 of us even though we were all at different levels. Beginner to expert, he breaks it down into easy pieces and gives you the tools to make it right fast. Now we all talk Cookies and live in the Kill Zone! Thanks Mac Daddy!

Katie Rowe, Derek Zavada, and Chris Marneus