I am very pleased to announce my fellow competitors and my students, that I have signed endorsement deal with CZ-USA and will be representing CZ products in the competition circles and various charity events. I am honored to shoot for them and CZ-USA is excited about getting more involved in sporting clays and in utilizing my experiences in new product development for years to come.

Shooting and hunting were always my passions and I have dedicated all my adult life to the different shotgun games. I have been averaging 12,000 – 15,000 registered targets a year and enjoyed every tournament I have attended. About five years ago my friend has suggested that I start teaching lessons and use my skills to help other shooters to achieve their goals. Teaching has become my full time job and I have been blessed with some great students worldwide. I teach both advanced shooters and beginners and I taylor the shooting lessons to the skill level of my students so they enjoy the shotgun shooting while they are improving their skills. I am available for lessons at the 74 Ranch or I can travel to your destination. Feel free to contact me at 616-340-0833 to talk about your shooting goals.