The success of my students makes me very proud and I would like to share some of the testimonials with you.

“This past winter I had a great opportunity to improve my skills in the game of Sporting Clays while taking lessons from Tom Mack. Tom’s method of teaching Sporting Clays shooting was very familiar to my experience of becoming world class hockey player. He emphasizes fundamentals over anything. He developed set of drills and exercises that improved my planning for taking a shot, the shooting position, eye control and proper follow through. Tom’s method is based on EFFICIENCY. I have not only learned to be a better shot, but I also got to know one of truly great guys in shooting sports. Thank you Tom.”

Bobby Holik, NHL retired


“It goes without saying that Tom Mack is a phenomenal shooter, but to be a truly great instructor it takes more than that.

An instructor needs to have the rare ability to see what a student is doing right and wrong and then have the even rarer ability to communicate that effectively. Tom posses these skills.

I have had instructors tell me I’m “behind” or “over” a target, but Tom tells u how to hit it. If you are serious about improving your shotgunning skills, there is no better investment than a day with Tom Mack.”

Mike Schoby, Editor, Petersen’s Hunting


“I can’t believe what a great instructor Tom is! He was able to correct a laundry list of things I was doing wrong in a matter of minutes and had me smoking targets in just a few shots. Never before has someone put the fundamentals for me in a way where it all just came flowing together. I can’t wait to take my next class with Tom!”

Monique Hutchings, CA


“Tom Mack’s system is so simple it hurts!
He eliminated unnecessary thoughts and moves, and with better set up position helped me stack the deck in favor of breaking the target. When I do miss his system tells me what to fix. He’s turning the end of my barrel into a brick wall.”

Willy Cherry, CA


“Great with customers and fantastic for business”

Milo Abercrombie, 74 Ranch, TX


…e-mail from Mike Chapman: “I had the opportunity to take a lesson with you today at Sun Mountain. After we finished lunch and you left, my friend and I went out and shot a round of sporting clays. As I mentioned my scores had dropped off into the mid 60s on that course. I’m proud to tell you that by utilizing the skills you taught me I shot an 85 this afternoon, a 20 target improvement for me! What is more important is that I was able to diagnose and correct the misses I had. I shoot shotguns every weekend. The skills, knowledge and instruction you gave me will have a positive impact on my hobby and will cause me to enjoy it more while being better at it. I just wanted to thank you again for the lesson and I am looking forward to shooting with you again. Thanks.”


…e-mail from Domonic Pistoresi: “I would just like to say thank you for the lesson you gave me. I would never have guessed that in two short hours the game would be simplified in a way that answered any questions that might strip you of needed confidence. I am more confident in my shooting then I have ever been. Anyone questioning whether or not to spend the extra money for lessons should definitely look Tom up, he is well worth it! Thanks Tom, and I am looking forward to more lessons in the future,  and plenty of rounds above 90.”