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img_0978I am very excited to let my students and friends know that White River is now manufacturing TM line of beautiful all American made knives. They can be purchased at or via phone 616-997-0026



chokesI am very excited about my  venture with American made Kick’s choke tubes. The new choke tubes, branded with my TM logo, incorporate all the features I feel are important in a choke tube, including stainless steel construction, an easy to read ring identifier system and beveled edges. 12ga sets, 20g a sets and 28ga sets can be purchased through Kicks Website. Made in USA and available at reasonable prices!


Mack Hall of fameIt is with honor that I have accepted induction into the inaugural class of the Michigan Sporting Clays Hall of Fame. I have come a long way since the days of carrying a Hercules model Montgomery Wards 20 ga side by side while walking the Michigan pheasant fields with my father and since I have first entered the competition world of Sporting Clays in Michigan. Thank you, NSCA for the recognition, it is appreciated.


May 12th, 2013

The success of my students makes me very proud and I would like to share some of the testimonials with you.

“This past winter I had a great opportunity to improve my skills in the game of Sporting Clays while taking lessons from Tom Mack. Tom’s method of teaching Sporting Clays shooting was very familiar to my experience of becoming world class hockey player. He emphasizes fundamentals over anything. He developed set of drills and exercises that improved my planning for taking a shot, the shooting position, eye control and proper follow through. Tom’s method is based on EFFICIENCY. I have not only learned to be a better shot, but I also got to know one of truly great guys in shooting sports. Thank you Tom.”

Bobby Holik, NHL retired


“It goes without saying that Tom Mack is a phenomenal shooter, but to be a truly great instructor it takes more than that.

An instructor needs to have the rare ability to see what a student is doing right and wrong and then have the even rarer ability to communicate that effectively. Tom posses these skills.

I have had instructors tell me I’m “behind” or “over” a target, but Tom tells u how to hit it. If you are serious about improving your shotgunning skills, there is no better investment than a day with Tom Mack.”

Mike Schoby, Editor, Petersen’s Hunting


“I can’t believe what a great instructor Tom is! He was able to correct a laundry list of things I was doing wrong in a matter of minutes and had me smoking targets in just a few shots. Never before has someone put the fundamentals for me in a way where it all just came flowing together. I can’t wait to take my next class with Tom!”

Monique Hutchings, CA


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